Gaming firm Razor is currently distributing over 5 million free masks to Singapore residents islandwide. (Reading time: 3 mins)

The project is seeing wide-scale success as Netizens take to praising the company for its generosity and Singaporean Spirit.

Photo Taken by the #Razor For Life campaign

Rienveind Solutions Pte Ltd has supported this partnership through its provision of innovative Vending Machines, upgraded with cutting edge QR technology. For this project, all RV Vending Machines have an integrated QR Code Scanner, which can identify the generated Razor coupons and dispense masks accordingly. This QR Code Scanner can similarly be modified for other companies and scanning purposes. Additionally, the Machines have an integrated AI system, which allows for the real-time tracking of stocks. This allows the dispensers always to be aware of possible mask shortages, and restock as needed.

Photo taken by Razor Press

Through this project, Rienveind Solutions Pte Ltd has transformed Vending Machines traditional usage as a dispensary machine, to a collection point. Fully automated and efficient, Vending Machines are increasingly being seen by vendors as valuable storage and distribution devices. Especially in this Covid 19 crisis, they are far more suited to safe distancing requirements than storefronts. Whatever it may be, as of now the #Razor for life Mask Distribution scheme is still in full swing, and expected to be completed in the following year.