Supporting LabMed with the essential provision of masks (Reading time: 2 mins)

LabMed is one of the first COVID protection vending machine in Singapore,. They came into business in the height of the COVID pandemic, to make masks, COVID care products and over-the-counter medical necessities for all ages easily available and accessible. With their launch in 2017, they have launched in supermarkets, coffeeshops and malls in price locations all around Singapore.

Photo Taken from the LabMed store location website

RVS are proud to support them in helping them achieve their mission. By primarily adopting Vending Machines, Labmed is capable of increasing its accessibility and expanding its location product range in a way that would not be possible with traditional retail stores. The LabMed Vending Machines are capable of storing a variety of products. As of now, LabMed provides civil masks, disinfectant spray for adults and children, KN95 masks and other medical instruments. All of the Vending Machine have cashless abilities, with over 11 listed payment methods. They can track sales and inventory level in real time using telementary, allowing them plan their replenishment method and logistics more effectively. The screen of the Vending Machine is also open to numerous branding opportunities as the space is ripe for brand exposure.

A beloved brand by Singaporeans, Labmed came at their time of need and plans to leave after the COVID situation is over. Their unique company has truly made an impact in Singaporean soil.